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The Throat Chakra

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

These past two weeks we have explored the THROAT Chakra, a place within ourselves which we often struggle with. Communication, self expression or feeling misunderstood. The Throat Chakra - Vishuddha is sanskrit for 'purification', this pure energy calls upon our communication center to be one of authenticity and truth in our lives.

When our throat chakra is out of balance it most likely will show up in our self-expression and communication. How do you feel about your communication skills from day to day? I can remember being an incredibly shy child and suffering from severe social anxiety growing up. Even within my first Yoga training I would blush at the thought of having to stand in front of a group of people. What pushed me to the place I am now within my teaching career and life was my inner voice, that personal power we all have but sometimes it gets a little hidden. As we move through life we are always adapting to our surroundings, from the moment we were children, we soak everything up like sponges, language, words, visual, silence, body language, listening and being told what's right and wrong. No wonder it's so easy to stray from the straight and narrow sometimes.

Communication is what moves us through life, whether it is verbal or non verbal communication, body language speaks volumes and I will never forget my partner telling me 'actions speak louder than words'. This hit a deep chord within me as I have had my fair share of intense experiences with Throat Chakra imbalances and blocks and I'm happy to say after a lot of work Im through the otherside, but still learning!

Lets learn a little more about Vishuddha Chakra...

An imbalanced Throat Chakra:

If our throat chakra is excessive a person may exhibit inappropriate talk, interruptions, talking too much or by talking over others. Talking is used as a defense and these people may have trouble listening or hearing others. Someone with an excessive throat chakra may participate in gossip, have a stutter or excessive loudness in their voice. They tend to have trouble or an inability to keep confidences and secrets.

A person with a deficient throat chakra will have a hard time communicating in general. They often have fear around speaking or speak with a small or weak voice. This person may refer to themselves as shy or an introvert and have a difficulty putting things into words. They may be more secretive and private.

Physically, an imbalanced throat chakra shows up as disorders of the throat, ears, voice or neck. Tightness of the jaw, grinding the teeth, sore throats (this was always my most dominant signal). Tension within the neck, shoulders, upper back and chest.

What does it look when the Throat Chakra is in balance?

A person whose throat chakra is open and balanced exhibits clear communication, lives creatively, has a good sense of timing, rhythm and resonant voice, is a good listener and is able to connect through honest and open communication. This person speaks authentically and speaks to their truth in all circumstances. Physically, they show up as calm, have relaxed nerves and are open in their shoulders, neck and jaw.


Your Yoga Practice

Explore opening the shoulders, chest, neck, upper back and throat, and enjoy the use of mantra within your practice. The Throat Chakra is the first of the three spiritual centres within the body, it's about tuning into the emotional and mental aspects of your body and mind. Creating noise (read below) plays a very big role but you can also explore postures that work with the neck specifically.

Cat & Cow table top or seated.

Fish Pose

Camel Pose

Locust pose

Wild thing

Cobra pose

Bow Pose

Upward facing plank


Ear pressing pose

Seated neck stretch

Create some noise!

The simplest way of tuning back into our inner voices is by creating sound, just humming, the vibration, the awareness can help bring calm and clarity back into the body and mind.

Humming can help us move our awareness into the body and out of the mind, when we feel the vibration of our voice it's often very difficult to think! Try it now, try and repeat a sentence within your mind or make a list of things to do, I want you to hum or sing 'SATNAM' out loud continuously... anything interesting happen?! Hopefully you became consumed by the sound, it's very powerful!

Exploring this as a personal practice can be so beautiful, it brings you into the present moment and it also allows you to find confidence within yourself, no hiding. You don't need to be able to sing or hold a note! Just feel deeply into your body and let yourself unravel.

This can be a powerful tool that will help you move out of your comfort zone, also recognising how you communicate with yourself on a day to day basis can be very beneficial, notice the negative self talk, and change up those words you say to yourself. When you wake up say in your mind (out loud is better) "I'm going to have a great day". Say it to yourself, say it to the mirror, make up your own comedy sketch at the fact you're talking to yourself! The way we speak to ourselves matters, the way we talk to others matters and as a collective we do have the power to lift each other up with confidence.

Affirmations are always a wonderful way to heal subliminally, you can write it on a note, you can set your alarm notifications with a quote (I actually think there are positive affirmation apps that you can download!) These can be words, quotes, statements and intentions that will keep your mindset in check and inspired to move away from stagnation or negativity, here are just a few:

  • "I am open with myself and others"

  • "I speak truthfully in all aspects of life"

  • "I feel connected to everything around me"

  • "I feel confident and relaxed"

  • "I allow others to speak freely"

  • "I know when is the right moment to listen"

  • "I am trustworthy and honour others words"

  • "I communicate my emotions easily"

  • "I freely express myself"

  • "I take time to understand problems"

  • "I am grateful for this life"

The mantra for the Throat Chakra is ‘HAM’. Chant this to heal both the physical throat and the spiritual (emotional) throat center.

Here is a link to one of my Chanting playlists, over 11 hours for you to indulge in a little mantra, remember you don't need to know the words, it's the repetition, the vibration and frequency that brings you into your body and mind!


After many years of my life being heavily influenced by the Throat Chakra more so than any others it does feel really good to know there is a way to balance, to respect your indifferences and also be honest when you know you're over active or even blocked, remember it is within your yoga practice where we learn to be open with ourselves, when we notice the bigger picture we can heal it.

So much love to you all,

V x


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