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Whats New For 2022?!

Hello my lovely Wild beings!

Sending you New year wishes! How are we feeling? Its the first day of 365 days, whether you have started it with a hangover or watched the sunrise, its here! A new year to create and pave the way you want. Give yourself the time to reflect on last year, don't rush away from it, is there anything you can improve on this year? What would you like to achieve? What would you like to learn? What would you like to truly let go of?

My first day has been super productive, and Ive pretty much spent it on my laptop. BUT for me to find ultimate freedom this year and have it as stress free as possible I organise myself now. All my workshop dates are booked, holidays will appear here and there and I have changed my routine to spend more time with my son. I feel so grateful that I have time to do this and I am SO excited for this year!

So whats new for 2022?!



From Monday 10th Jan I will be sharing a brand new Pilates class at the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre, as this is a brand new class it will be great for beginners to get familiar with the structure of the Pilates practice! This class isn't necessarily 'easy' or 'gentle' as I always say, the work you put in, the results you get out. Pilates is a slow and controlled class that focuses on core strength and isolating muscle groups, its tough but absolutely worth it!


12.00-1.00pm PILATES

If you already attend Pilates classes with me this class is still open to you! Its the Pilates you know and love and have practiced for years, it just means that Pilates on Tuesday afternoon will be that one step harder, we are introducing props!



Tuesdays have just had a New year boost, Im switching things up and bringing Power Yoga back to the timetable, you'll see its open to book now! With the contrast of Yin (deep rest) on a Monday I thought it would be good to have a high energy flow class thrown in the mix. We need those contrasts of strength to balance our flexibility and also challenging practices bring about a lot of mental clarity and resilience. I have taught flow classes for years and they are by far the funniest, hardest and rewarding! If you fancy a playful challenge, want to build strength, sweat and work hard then this is for you!


8.00-9.00pm POWER YOGA



Yin is a powerful practice, powerful in the impact it has on your body and mind. A practice that teaches you to rest, breathe and essentially do nothing. You're invited to join me every month on a late Friday evening to release and unwind mental tension.


9.00-10.00am YIN & YOGA NIDRA

As you release the body and mind, you will find you may have the best nights sleep you have had in a long time. Grab your pillows, blankets and even practice in your pyjamas!



NHS discount is and will always be available giving you online classes at a discounted price.

All you need to do is email me at with a photo of your NHS ID, upon receiving this information you will have your own personally coupon code to use for single classes (it doesn't apply to workshops or class packages).

Enjoy 10% discount off single classes



Workshops are booked in the calendar and have your name on them! I absolutely love teaching studio and online classes but workshops are something else. Hosted within a gorgeous community hall with great facilities you can enjoy a more personal approach to your yoga practice. This year I'll be sharing workshops with lots of lovely guest teachers, you are in for a treat!

New times


First workshops:

Saturday 15th Jan - New Year, New You & Deep Rest Yoga & Sound Bath.

Due to giving up my Saturday studio class workshops will begin at the earlier time of 11am! Some are 2 hours long, some are 3 and I will still be hosting evening sessions 5-8pm.



The 12 days of yoga package has ended and I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that took part. It was lovely to share the videos with you and I hope you enjoyed them! (Feedback is always greatly received!). All of the '12 day' videos are now available to watch within the video library subscription, so if you want to watch them and many more videos in your own time you can! Once the weather warms up and we have brighter days filming will recommence.


We had an issue with previous video packages being 'cancelled' not my side, not intentionally yours but I have since found out this is actually your bank, because it is a monthly payment some banks cancel it because it hasn't been authorised. If you have or do order the video subscription please authorise it with your bank.



Wildlove yoga

Last but not LEAST!

As a new year treat I wanted to do a giveaway, a chance for you to win one of my jewellery pieces! Im giving away a lotus necklace of your choosing, sterling silver, rose gold or gold vermeil (gold plated sterling silver).

All you need to do is share a review on my facebook page!*

Your feedback means the world to me, and I hope, in turn by people hearing your experience it will inspire them to try yoga too! I find word of mouth a very powerful tool and have always said (and taught) communication is key. I would love to hear your story, no matter how large or small that practicing yoga or Pilates has had on your life.

The giveaway is open until 29th Jan (my Birthday!) and I will select the winner on the 29th.

*If you would happy for me to do so I may also use your review on my website testimonials.

Thank you for sharing your love and support. Good luck!


Thank you all so much for being here, thank you all for your attendance in classes online and in studio and thank you for connecting with me. Whether you are a new student or old, Im so grateful we have met.

Have a lovely weekend!

V x


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