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Wildlove Walks - Abberley Circular

Now this is a local walk you HAVE to go and explore, we have done this many times and enjoyed it in all seasons. The changing colours and the views are so beautiful! Who would have thought it's on the outskirts of Stourport and Kidderminster? I do feel we are so lucky, just a 20 minute drive and you're surrounded by greenland, fields, pastures and rolling hills!

If you're looking for the Quarry views you will have to take the steep stairs off the road at Shavers end, be careful as you will be following a narrow path, holding onto trees and there is no barrier once you're at the top. For those who are a little weary of heights, this will make you have jelly legs so take your time, or miss it out!

The start of this walk begins at Abberley Village, we parked on a car park and made our way up a track with llamas in a field! This path can be a little confusing so stay to your left and you will walk up the field to the forest. From the very start of the walk you're going uphill so take your time and wear comfortable shoes! Once you reach the top of the path through the woodland there is a bench (hallelujah!) where you can sit and look over at the clock tower in the distance and the Elms hotel (amazing food!).

You can enjoy a forest walk towards the Quarry and as you loop around the road you have the chance to go up the steps to have a closer look if you wanted to. The road leads to fields (last pic) that sometimes have yurts or seasonal crops. Many times I've heard deer after walking through the forest but never seen one, this walk can last a few hours or longer if you wanted it to, I can imagine it would be glorious with clear skies and sunshine!

Path visibility: Clear well trodden paths dirt paths

Time: 2 hours

Footfall: Quiet, a few dog walkers in places.

Difficulty: Moderate, a few big inclines at the start.

Distance: 4.73 miles

Max Altitude: 903.4 feet

Happy Walking! #wildlovewalks

V x

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