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Wildlove Walks - Carn LIidi Coastal Path

What starts off as an interesting hill climb over a big craggy rock surrounded by wild horses turns out to be the most gorgeous coastal path with plenty to see and take your breath away! We originally only wanted to walk the top of the hill to tick it off the list of peaks in Pembrokeshire and being pushed for time it being sunset somehow we just felt inspired to keep exploring the area. We will be visiting this at a more suitable time of day to really take in the views and the landscapes without worrying we might get stuck in darkness in the middle of nowhere!

A beautiful coastal path that shines colour, textures and earthly scenery. Towards the end of the walk we stumbled across a secluded beach which had such a calming energy, I wanted to swim but we didn't have time with the sun disappearing! This beach will be somewhere we will revisit next time as its so off the local track not many people would go there!

We parked the car just by a farm which was marked the beginning of one of the paths to the Carn Llidi, you can also follow the coastal path around which would bring you out just by St. Davids city golf club. Make sure you have suitable shoes, plenty of water and snacks as this could easily turn into an all day trek if you wanted it to. A quiet walk that will make you feel strong, free and grounded.

Path visibility:

Time: 2 hours

Footfall: Quiet

Difficulty: Moderate, very hilly and rocky!

Distance: 3.6 miles

Max Altitude: 482.2 feet

Have you visited Pembrokeshire coast? We would love to see your photos! Tag us #wildlovewalks on Instagram or share your photos in the comments!

V x

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