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Wildlove Walks - Kinver Edge Circular

If you're local to the Kidderminster area this is just through Wolverley and literally on our doorstep, a 15 minute drive and you have so much nature to enjoy! Nanny's rock in Kinver is a favourite place, especially the climb up the side! You have plenty of paths to choose from and this is one of many, it's really nice to include Kingsford Forest (especially in the rain!) as it's so dense and a lot bigger than what you think it is! It's a steady walk that could easily take up a day if you wanted to take a picnic, there are a few inclines but balanced out by declines!

As this is a local place it can be busy (weekends in particular) we have walked it early morning and in the week and we saw a few people! I suppose with popular spots be mindful of footfall and dog walkers. It's a great place to visit the views are amazing and the mix of colours and textures any time of year are wonderful!

Path visibility: Gravel path marking the way, a few dirt if you're wondering through the woods.

Time: 1 1/2 hours

Footfall: Dog walkers, quite busy on the 'edge'

Difficulty: Gentle, flat with steady incline and declines

Distance: 3.71 miles

Don't forget to share your adventures with us! Tag us #wildlovewalks on Instagram, share in the comments and tell us if you have enjoyed Kinver!

V x

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