Hanumanasana (Splits) Practice

After many requests, Im sharing with you 5 postures that can help you explore Hanumanasana, also known as the Splits! It's very important to acknowledge and accept where we are within our yoga journey, it's not about boosting the ego but I do agree it's always fun to explore those advanced poses with curiosity and a playful heart!!

I WILL say use props like blocks, bolsters and pillows, don't think that by using them you're not good enough, by using them you build that connection, mindfulness and patience which is what Yoga is all about. I wouldn't recommend giving yourself a deadline to achieve splits (or any other posture for that matter), you will notice that if you have a well rounded practice you don't necessarily have to practice specific poses. Splits is a journey through trust and humility, take your time, settle in and enjoy the journey!


I cannot stress enough when moving towards advanced or 'peak' postures that you are thoroughly warmed through, and I don't mean running on the spot for 30 seconds! Move through a practice that increases your heart rate, mobilise every joint, explore balancing postures and slow transitions, every posture we work through within our practice is a balance of strength and flexibility. When you are moving through your practice focus on postures that engage the legs, that test your balance and warm the whole pelvis. Think of all ranges of movements not just forward and back, side to side, circling and spiralling movements can feel delicious!!


Before we move into Hanumanasana it's really important we have a little knowledge of our personal alignment and anatomy. We will have our individual strengths and weaknesses and we need to be honest when moving our body into postures that are a little more challenging.