Welcome March!

Updated: Aug 14

Hello March!

Spring is in the air and it's so wonderful to know that warmer days are ahead of us. Even though we can express our love for sunshine and bright happy days I feel it’s important to extend that love and awareness out into the world right now.

On the top of my list this month is raising awareness for Ukraine...

After the difficult times we have all experienced over these past few years with lockdown, something with even greater impact has influenced so many people, families, children and is happening right now. I cannot express how hearing the news surrounding Ukraine makes me feel. My heart sinks. So many people are faced with fear, the unknown, destruction and helplessness in an indescribable historical event.

It's made me feel anxiety, strange that we just carry on our normal lives and such destruction is happening right this moment. I have researched and want to help in anyway I can and feel that by offering a donation based service we can all play our part (no matter how small) to help others. ALL of the money raised by Wildlove donations will be given to the Choose Love charity, a charity that supports mental health, well being, can offer medical support, aids families and children, provides food and shelter for those in and fleeing the country.

Ive created a donation page and would love to reach out for your support, if you would like to donate please click the link below:


Thank you for your support, always.


This months upcoming workshops are a treat to behold! 3 of my favourite things to share with you and a wonderful variety that will teach you a few of the many facets of yoga. Come and enjoy little immersions to inspire your practice.

This months workshops:

March 12th - 11.00-2.00pm - Ashtanga Workshop

March 12th - 5.00-8.00pm - Deep Rest Yoga & Sound Bath

March 26th - 11.00-2.00pm - Chakra Yoga Workshop

ASHTANGA YOGA - A continuous vinyasa (flow) practice that instills discipline, focus, serious strength and flexibility. I will be leading the Primary series and offering hands on adjustments while breaking down each posture into varying layers.

Ashtanga yoga is NOT suitable for beginners, if you have practiced flow yoga, wild yoga and power yoga and enjoy working hard then this ones for you! It's a tough and sweaty journey and my absolute favourite. When I first started my yoga journey this was my go to, every single day for years! As this is a workshop I will be offering layers and modifications (as always) to suit everyones individual needs, you are welcome to do what you like, rest when you need to and enjoy learning about the practice!