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Yoga/Pilates Ball Information

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Well we are well into the swing of classes online and in studio and it has felt so good to connect with you all face to face! Now you will have noticed that as the weeks have gone by I have been introducing a few more challenges and deeper insights into philosophy! Teaching online has been an amazing learning curve for me and what I learnt online I feel so happy I can reflect that into the way that I teach you in real life classes.

Below you will find the link to the Pilates ball that I have mentioned in Pilates classes, for those of you online I know the majority of you have them (we will be using them when I return back from my holiday!). For those who attend face to face classes please invest in this little piece of equipment, its an absolute GAME CHANGER for your strength, posture, body awareness and control in practice. We can of course work without but these little babies make you more mindful of your movement because you either have to hold it, balance it, squeeze it or not drop it!


Here is the link for a resistance band, which I would also recommend getting, if you have ever had physio for any injuries or rehab you will be familiar with them. They allow us to explore resistance in the smallest of ways, they can help improve posture, rehabilitate injuries, reduce tension and build strength in specified places.


I will be sharing video tutorials so soon! It's a month late because of my laptop being in for repair and apple wiped it, so I have no content, nada. So Im having to start from scratch, patience is a virtue!

In the meantime keep up the good work, you're an absolute inspiration. Thank you for joining me and allowing me to guide you!

Ill see you on the mat!

V x

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