4 Mindful Practices

I think it's important we all strive to be a little more mindful in our day, by becoming more mindful we really can appreciate the little things more, we don't get overwhelmed by the silly things and we can accept life's wonderful quirks. Here are 4 practices that can make a very big impact on your mindful days, it's all about tuning in, not learning to tune out. We learn to recognise emotions, sensations and everything around us, the more we are in tune the easier the flow of our lives.


Noticing the breath can be one of those things we may see as easy to do, but how long can you sit and notice your breath and nothing else? Not only does noticing the breath shift our mind to an internal focus instead of an external it also calms the mind. By noticing the breath throughout the day its as if we create space from the busy surroundings, the noise, the traffic, the household stresses. Whatever you're doing right now I want you to just notice your breath... as you inhale count to 5, as you exhale count to 6. Notice how easy it can be to lose count if you're not putting in your complete attention. I would like you to do this as often as you can throughout your day, whether you are going about your daily business or taking 5 minutes sat in a quiet space. Breathing in slowly & quietly and allowing the exhalation to draw out a little longer. By elongating the exhalation it can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn calms the body and mind bringing you into a state of relaxation. Benefits of breathing: https://www.wildloveyoga.com/post/the-benefits-of-breathing


This is something that I practiced when I visited Sweden a few years ago, the practice has stuck with me since. Not something that we practice every day but we are MINDFUL of our meal times, we