Connecting To The Divine Feminine Energy

Happy International Women's day!

Celebrating Internationals Women's day I wanted to share with you some wonderful practices to help you reconnect to the divine feminine energy that resides within ALL of us.

Honouring the divine feminine energy allows us to connect to our sensitivities, our creativity, our patience and be guided by a deep intuition.

We all possess both masculine and feminine energy, this is the balance that connects us all. While Masculine energy (Shiva) is dictated by the sun, moving towards goals, making progress & strength, Feminine (Shakti) is guided by the moon and a softness to nurture, we allow our creativity to shine and can easily go with the flow.

As we progress through life we all experience phases and changes within our lives, a woman's body may experience puberty, motherhood, menopause, endometriosis, fertility, ovulation, menstruation and many more developments. Yoga allows us to be open and accepting of changes that arise, it can help us create a response, an adaption and a positive step in the right direction. By celebrating the feminine in all of us it can unlock inner wisdom, fluidity within our bodies and minds and spark our courage to be fiercely true to ourselves.

The feminine energy is about receiving and not doing (hard to believe when we always seem to be on the go!). Its learning to surrender, to trust the process, to be open. The element we connect to the Shakti energy is water, expressing everything formless, fluid and sensual. The element of water is also associated to the