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DAY 1 - Seated Pose #wildlove30days

WELCOME to Day 1 of this months 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE!!!

I'm so happy you are joining me on this ever changing journey, enjoy this opportunity to practice every day, to move your body and to reconnect to your body and mind. Each day you can enjoy a different posture, a photo to help with visual and a guided breakdown of how to explore the posture. I'm a very firm believer of allowing yourself to explore the pose intuitively, so take your time, enjoy adding adjustments, wiggles, movements as if creating an environment for you to settle into. Some postures may be challenging, some poses you may wobble, some poses may be relaxing, it's all a part of the beautiful journey of yoga. Over time we begin to realise that the postures are teaching us to much more about ourselves than physical sensation.

DAY 1 of the #Wildlove30days yoga challenge 🌿

The foundation of our yoga practice begins seated in 'Easy Pose' did you know that all of the yoga postures are to create a flexible body and focused mind to sit for hours in meditation? This seated posture is a place where we can sit, rest, meditate, breathe and come back to anytime we want and need to in our physical yoga practice or day.

Easy Pose - Sukhasana

1. Find a comfortable seated position on the floor, use as many props beneath the outer thighs and pelvis to offer support for the legs and hips.

2. You can guide one leg in front of the other or cross the legs, use this posture to encourage opening of the hips, length within the spine and quieting of the mind.

3. Close your eyes, slowly take your time to focus on your breath, notice the sound, sensation and the movement the breath creates within the body.

4. Allow yourself to just sit, without acting on thoughts or distractions. I know, it's easier said than done but this is the first foundation of practice, tuning in.

* Calms the brain

* Strengthens the back

* Opens the hips, inner thighs

* Stretches the knees and ankles

* Perfect for meditation

Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag @wildlove_yoga #wildlove30days

If you practice and share everyday you have the chance to win a Wildlove Gift box, tote bag & mindful daily meditations book.

Have fun and enjoy!

V x


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