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Self Care & Yoga Retreat Day

Inner Shala is a half day retreat that allows you to come back home to yourself.

Enjoy a wholesome and nourishing day that not only stimulates all the senses but allows you to open and connect to new layers of being. Being within your body, being within nature & being connected to the people around us.

Practice within the most beautiful forest space, with floor to ceiling windows we bring the outside in. Enjoy practices inside, a guided walk through the forest, mindfulness techniques, yoga, sound healing, practices that inspire the mind to open and the body to heal.

You will be guided by Victoria on a journey into a safe space of reconnecting back to your authentic self, your body, mind and breath.

You are invited to join Victoria for a beautiful half day retreat, Inner Shala at the Wyre Forest Discovery Centre.

Inner Shala translates to Inner Home, something that has always interweaved itself throughout Victoria's teachings. Yoga is a pathway to self inquiry, an exploration into being beautifully human and learning tools and techniques that not only increase self awareness and development they also help us cope with modern life, stress & anxiety. Let yoga be a practice that soothes the soul and opens the mind, learn to listen to that intuition that nudges you in the right direction, move your body with a sense of freedom, explore the mind and the emotions, learn to watch them unravel and notice when they get tangled. Reconnect to that sense of self, embody being human, the happy moments & the messy! This is a half day retreat for self care and self love. Be guided by Victoria (& guest teachers) through wholesome practices of movement, meditation & sound. Enjoy yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, flow & yin yoga, forest bathing, sound bath and much more. You will also enjoy a homemade delicious veggie/vegan lunch! Come and be held, uplifted, supported just as you are.

Sunday 16th July 2023 £85 per person Open to all, adults only.



  • Guided meditation

  • Yoga Practices

  • Delicious homemade veggie/vegan lunch on the terrace in the sunshine!

  • Intention setting

  • Journalling

  • Forest Bathing

  • Astrology healing

  • Sound Healing & Deep Rest

​Arrival 10am - Finish 4.00pm

+ Enjoy beautiful gifts & jewellery within the space. + Yoga mats & props are provided, but please bring your own for extra comfort too!

We ask you to bring blankets! + Please wear suitable & appropriate clothing for the weather.

It will be lovely to connect with you on this lovely day, there are only a few spaces left if you would like to join!

Have a lovely day,

V x

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