Teach Yourself To Relax.

Updated: Jul 10

As a new day approaches our mindset may be met with motivation or anxiety as what is to unravel within the hours of the day. We all at some point face days, weeks and even months that feel stupidly busy and sometimes over whelming, and with that may come serious bouts of stress.

Did you know that our physical bodies literally hold and store stress? If we are feeling overwhelmed with work, running here there and everywhere, relationship and money pressure we can catch our bodies literally becoming smaller, our head that was once held high, a tall and confident stance, easy breathing and relaxed shoulders seemed to have disappeared.

Relaxation is important to allow your body to physically heal, the mind to find balance and calm. Stress is a natural and healthy response to danger, conflict and can be life saving, BUT it isn't good for our bodies physically or emotionally to remain in the state of 'flight or fight' (ready for battle as it were) every day from the smallest things like missing the train, spilling something down your shirt, being late, forgetting something from the shop, the kids have made a mess, you broke the oven! The list can go on...

With the power of self care time and a little more knowledge you can bring yourself back into a place of calm. Your body will feel a little less rigid and you will also start to breathe easier.

It's important to find and create the time to focus on yourself, rest, unwind and truly relax. Easier said than done I know, but I hope the following tips are helpful for you!