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Whats new for 2024?!

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

I can't contain my excitement and wanted to share with you this side of Christmas, as a little viewing glass into what I'm offering next year. Im an organised bunny as I love to manifest what I'm creating in the sessions well before hand and have noticed many people are booking way in advance for my offerings (thank you!). Next year i'll be sharing my gorgeous monthly workshops, and below you can see what I'll be sharing with you. I also have a new edition to the schedule where you can enjoy a collaborative workshop with myself & my close friend and wise woman Rebecca Broomfield. Each month I share 5 workshops, all with beautiful varieties of practices and skill, you are invited to come as you are and be surrounded by love, yoga and meet gorgeous souls along this lovely pathway of wellbeing and holistic self care.



6.30-7.45pm - Monthly Myofascial Release & Rest

M&M Dance studio, Bewdley Road Kidderminster


11.00-1.00pm - New Year, New You Workshop

The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington Road - Saturday mornings workshops will always be different!

4.00-5.30pm - Forest Bathing Sound Bath (Its indoors!)

Wyre Forest Discovery Centre, Callow Hill, Bewdley


11.00-1.00pm - Self Care Sunday in the Forest

1.30-3.00pm - Nurture & Nourish Session

Wyre Forest Discovery Centre, Callow Hill, Bewdley

6.00-7.30pm - Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath

M&M Dance studio, Bewdley Road Kidderminster



One of the most profound practices that help you to release the body deeply, this is a low impact class combining long Yin yoga holds, myofascial release and guided relaxation with essential oils & soothing sounds. Our bodies hold tension, physically & emotionally. From the body holding its posture from day to day, injuries, imbalance, muscle weakness/ tightness and habitual patterns we can feel achey, tired and sometime clunky in our bodies. This delicious practice releases the whole body. We take our time to move slowly through the postures. We also use a ball or hands to massage, spread and manipulate the fascia (our inner spider web like fabric). After rolling and massaging the different fascial meridian lines we arrange ourselves into our Yin postures, using cushions and all things supportive to settle into the pose for 2-3 minutes.

Monthly Friday evenings 6.30-7.45pm

£10 per person

STARTING - Friday 12th Jan!

+ Enjoy a slow practice working with the muscles, joints and connective tissues.

+ Myofascial release to unlock tension in specific areas.

+ Yin yoga to deeply stretch the whole body, increasing flexibility & improving range of movement.

+ Deep relaxation for restful sleep.

What is Myofascial release? Fascia is a fabric like web that surrounds and supports muscles, organs, bones and nerve fibers. It interweaves itself within the WHOLE body.

This connective tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up. It’s designed to stretch as you move and if we are doing repetitive movements that over work an area of the body, when we become sedentary and if we experience trauma like an injury/surgery even emotional this will cause the fascia to tighten around muscles, which can then limit mobility and cause painful knots, aches and tightness to develop.

+ Reduces stress & anxiety

+ Improves circulation

+ Aids sleep

+ Calms the mind

+ Improves range of movement

+ Increases flexibility

+ Aids in rehabilitating injuries

Within this class we learn techniques to release fascia, loosing and lubricating tight and tender spots. You will leave practice lighter, more spacious, the body will feel easier to move, calmer and more fluid. Opening the physical body unlocks the mind, hand in hand they are connected, a stressful mind = tight and stressed body.



Come and settle in the beautiful forest space at Wyre Forest, this is a beautiful wooden building with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the forest. This is a sound bath only session without a yoga practice, so enjoy a restful practice where you lie down, soak in nature and be guided into a deep state of rest. You will be guided through a gentle body scan meditation to ease any tension or discomfort, alongside that will be gentle sounds to draw the mind into the soundscape that soon unravels. Rest and let the mind be soothed by crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, gong, angelic voice, drum, rain stick, chimes and many more beautiful sounds. This is a live set played by Victoria, unplanned, just flowing with the energies of the space and participants, truly magical and unlike anything you would have experienced before!

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 13th Jan 3.00-4.30pm Forest Sound Bath*

*NOW AMENDED DUE TO OTHER EVENT - Sunday 14th 2.30-4.00pm

Saturday 24th Feb - 3.00-4.30pm Forest Sound Bath

Saturday 23rd Mar - 4.00-5.30pm Forest Sound Bath

Saturday 20th April - 4.00-5.30pm Forest Sound Bath

£20 per person £2.22 booking fee

+Additional payment for parking on arrival. No experience is needed, just a need for rest. This is a perfect practice for everyone, busy minds, all facets of stress in modern lives. This is the perfect place to reset. I want to fill this space, with gorgeous souls, where we can enjoy the reminder of being human. That we can all be held, without interaction or expression, that we can all softly fall into stillness and ease, comfortably without expectation. Within this practice you wrap yourself up in cosy blankets, cushions and all your layers to let the body rest comfortably, you lie down for the full duration. This is a sign for you to rest more often, I'm here to guide you.



Self Care Sunday is a practice dedicated to bringing you back home to yourself. The perfect chance to reconnect back to your body and mind, all the while enjoying the most beautiful views while practicing. This session offers a combination of practices, and each month you can enjoy a different theme and intention. You can learn meditation techniques to calm a busy mind and enjoy varied yoga practices inspired by a whole array of wonderful intentions and philosophies. Sometimes we may journal, sometimes we may explore face yoga, self massage, myofascial release, EFT, sound healing and much more. These Self Care Sunday sessions are a wholesome package that will leave you feeling grounded, at ease and beautiful from the inside out. Every time you come to practice you will take away a new technique that can inspire personal & spiritual growth. You will also receive a little homemade self care gift bag to take away to treat yourself when ever you feel like it.



£20 per person +£2.22 booking fee

Wyre Forest Visitors Centre, Callow Hill, Bewdley.


Upcoming sessions 2024

Sunday 14th Jan 11.00 -1.00pm

Sunday 25th Feb 11.00 -1.00pm

Sunday 24th Mar 11.00 -1.00pm

Sunday 21st April 11.00 -1.00pm

+ Be soothed by nature and admire the changing seasons at the Wyre Forest Visitors Centre.

+ Enjoy different practices to soothe your body and mind, explore a variety of modalities to keep your self care routine fresh and unique to you.

+ Explore yoga postures, sound healing, myofascial release, meditation, breathwork, forest bathing.

+ Open to all levels ages 16+, no experience necessary, all abilities welcome, modifications and optional adaptations are gently given within the session.

+ Take away a homemade personal self care gift bag to keep you inspired and pampered for the rest of the month.

+ Bring a yoga mat, blankets, cushions and wear comfortable warm clothing.

The space we are practicing in is just behind the visitors centre, walk past the toilets on the left and you'll see a wooden building, we are in there!) Car park fee is about £4, it is advised to arrive early as other events may be happening at the same time. You can also buy yearly car park passes for unlimited visits and forest time. Let's enjoy creating a self care connection together.



New for 2024 we share the most nourishing healing workshops, these sessions are collaborative practices with Victoria & Rebecca. Enjoy a deeper immersion into personal healing & philosophies with beautiful combined teachings from two very close friends with very different personal explorations. This session is created to nurture each participant on an individual level. Enjoy guided breathing techniques to calm a busy mind, restorative & yin yoga to relax tension within the body. Be wrapped with blankets and settle for a beautiful sound healing practice to rebalance the body and mind. Tuning forks are placed upon the body, tibetan moon bowls over the body. Let the whole body rest with a facial massage, crystal healing and enjoy astrology & moon guidance to support your wellbeing at the given time of year. We want to create a cocoon of safety, rest & allow each participant to show up as they are. Find comfort with being human and surrender into the support of both Victoria & Rebecca.



£20 per person +£2.22 booking fee

Wyre Forest Visitors Centre, Callow Hill, Bewdley. (For those booked onto Self Care Sunday this session is discounted!)

BOOKING ESSENTIAL Limited group numbers for immersive practice with personal touches.

Upcoming sessions 2024:

Sunday 14th Jan 1.30 -3.00pm

Sunday 25th Feb 1.30 -3.00pm

Sunday 24th Mar 1.30 -3.00pm

Sunday 21st April 1.30 -3.00pm

+ Be soothed by nature and admire the changing seasons at the Wyre Forest Visitors Centre.

+ Enjoy slow yoga supported by cushions, blankets & hands on reassurance.

+ Learn more about how to support your mental wellbeing with astrology & moon phases.

+ Relax with soothing sounds to recalibrate the body & mind on a deep level. These instruments are places on and around the body (very special!)

+ Open to all levels ages 16+, no experience necessary, all abilities welcome, modifications and optional adaptions are gently given within the session.

+ Please bring a yoga mat, blankets, cushions and wear comfortable warm clothing.

It will be beautiful to guide you. V & R x



This practice is the perfect opportunity to recalibrate, to rest and to create more space in your life. This is a monthly immersion to help you settle into a deep state of rest. From busy lives, demanding jobs, to do lists, hectic schedules and a wandering mind its sometimes very difficult for us to switch off and enjoy a little time for ourself. This session offers a journey into releasing physical tension with a gentle and restorative yoga practice, allowing you to breathe and relax into each posture with the use of props.

Restorative yoga is a restful practice suitable for all! Its also great for those who aren't familiar with yoga, have limited range of movement or suffer from aches and pains on a daily basis. For the sound bath part of the practice settle for a long relaxation (45 minutes), within the relaxation you rest comfortably wrapped in all your blankets and layers and will be guided through a meditation, this could be inspired by the seasons, philosophy, a quote, a visualisation, each practice will be different. Accompanying the guided relaxation will be live sounds, from singing bowls, chimes, drum, rainstick, hand pan, gong and voice this will then lead into a full sound bath experience allowing your body & mind to move through a journey of resting and releasing. This is one of the most profound practices you will ever experience and I cannot wait to share it with you.


£20 per person £2.22 booking fee

M&M Dance Studios, Bewdley Road, Kidderminster.

Please bring your yoga mat. Please wear comfortable clothing which allows freedom of movement, layers to take off when warmed up and layers to put back on for warmth. Please bring lots of pillows and thick blankets. (Single duvets, sleeping bags, thick blankets, socks, pillows... the more you have the better the relaxation!) Benefits of this practice are: + A calmer and clearer mind.

+ Decreased stress levels.

+ Increased mobility & flexibility.

+ Improved posture.

+ Reduced stress & anxiety.

+ Increased lung capacity & circulation.

+ Improved cognition and body awareness.

+ Aids deep sleep.


Alongside the wonderful monthly sessions listed above you'll find Saturday morning sessions dotted here and there, these are always going to vary each month and are gorgeous immersions into different facets of yoga, yoga postures, facial reflexology, sound healing, pilates, philosophy and much more! Keep an eye out on the timetable for these one of a kind offerings. The first to come in January is my much loved New Year, New You...

The first workshop of 2024! A celebration of the new year and the chance to restart, refresh and get inspired to move through the new year, your way. Helping you to make this year all about YOU! 2 hours of practices helping you to meditate, manifest, create intentions and release everything you no longer need. A new year can mean many things to us, a chance to create a new mindset to create positive change, to break old habits and to set new intentions.

Within this workshop you will explore a beautiful yoga practice for the whole body allowing you to rebalance for the new year ahead. Learn breathing techniques to calm the mind on a daily basis. Practice gratitude journaling and learn mindfulness techniques to keep us on track when life gets a little hectic. This workshop will help you build a routine of self care, that you can use not only today but throughout the year.

This workshop will help you breathe new life into yourself, give you clarity and confidence to step forwards into a life you want. Having guidance and taking notes you will learn how to let go of the old and embrace the new.

+ Calm a busy mind with awareness & breathing techniques.

+ Move your body through a lovely flow practice to open up & release tension.

+ Learn EFT & facial reflexology points to soothe worry.

+ Create a gratitude journal to help spark productivity & self love.

+ Enjoy resting with a guided relaxation & soft sounds of sound healing instruments & essential oils.

Your yoga practice is always teaching you to listen, to tune in and this workshop is the perfect place to start! Open to all levels of practitioner ages 16+

£22.22 per person

Saturday 13th January


The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster

Please bring:

Yoga mat, blankets and pillows, notebook and pen, please wear comfortable warm clothing.


Well, that's it for now! Expect to see some scheduled posts over the next two weeks as Ill be signing off for Christmas tomorrow. Im yet to send my love and best wishes to you, so hold tight for those! I hope we can connect in the new year and will look forward to seeing you very soon, lots of love,


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